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Simple.   Elegant.   Powerful.

Your smartphone is rather simple and elegant looking.  On the inside, however, that sleek little device is amazingly powerful.  With billions of transistors and tons of memory, a single smartphone has more computing power than all of the computers used at NASA during the days of Apollo.  But what matters is not how your smartphone does all of the amazing things that it does.  What matters is that it helps you quickly and easily accomplish your goals. 

At Brenton Private Wealth Advisors it is our mission to bring this same approach to the complex world of wealth management.  We build Simple. Elegant. Powerful. solutions that make it possible for our clients to achieve their most important financial goals with minimal fanfare or technical jargon.

For more than 20 years we have worked quietly to help our clients get what they want out of life by helping them make intelligent, disciplined, fact-based decisions about their money.  We focus our time and energy on understanding markets, tax law, insurance and risk management so that our clients can focus their time and energy on what truly matters most to them.

The world is a very complicated place.  Your financial life doesn’t have to be. 

Contact Us today to learn more about our Simple. Elegant. Powerful. strategies and solutions for investing, financial planning and retirement.