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Do you wish to have a greater impact on the world around you?

For many of our clients philanthropy is at the core of their financial behavior.  In fact, most of our clients give money to charity every year.

We have found that as net worth increases many of the clients we work with seek to make more substantial contributions to the various causes and institutions they support.  We believe that effective philanthropy requires a highly customized approach.  We build Simple. Elegant. Powerful. solutions that help our clients maximize the impact of their philanthropic endeavors.  We help our clients define their charitable goals, establish criteria by which they will determine which causes to support and help them structure their giving to create the results they desire.  In addition, we work with organizations that allow our clients to calculate the impact of their gifts and social investments.

If you wish to leverage up the value of your philanthropy or if you are considering establishing a private foundation, Donor Advised Fund or Charitable Remainder Trust -or- you simply wish to learn more about Impact Investing, we encourage you to contact us today.